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Why use SONOpan

SONOpan panels are made from 100% recycled wood and 100% natural binders, making it a safe solution for soundproofing and environmentally friendly construction.

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Because Life Doesn't Have a Mute Button

What is Noise STOP Technology?

SONOpan is designed with Noise STOP Technology to absorb a variety of sound frequencies, including low bass frequencies below 125 Hz. Thousands of impressions are made in each panel during the manufacturing process to create a core of varying densities. Each density absorbs a different soundwave ranging from low bass to high pitched frequencies.

Noise STOP Technology is why SONOpan should be your only choice when choosing a soundproofing panel.

Click here to find out more about Noise STOP Technology.

SONOpan Soundproofing Benefits

A safe solution for soundproofing and environmentally friendly construction.


Our panels offer a soundproofing solution that everyone can afford.

LEED Qualification

Our panels qualify towards LEED- points

Eco Friendly

Our panels are produced without the addition of formaldehyde or VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Thermal Performance

Our panels offer a thermal performance of R 2.45

Environmental Difference

As a company, we have always distinguished ourselves through our commitment to recycling and environmental protection by reducing the impact on forests. Our mill operates with a completely closed-loop (zero effluent) water system, resulting in an efficient and ecologically responsible process.

100% recycled wood.


post-consumer recycled materials


post-industrial recycled materials

SONOpan panels are made from 100% recycled wood, of which 60% is post-consumer and 40% is post-industrial materials recovered from manufacturers of wood furniture, flooring etc. Thanks to our input materials and manufacturing process, MSL is considered one of the most environmentally conscious manufacturers in the world.

The SONOpan Process

MSL saves 300,000 trees a year

Being made from 100% recycled wood decreases demand on natural resources and forests. The fibreboard panels that MSL produces can be recycled up to seven times.



Annually, we recycle 25 000 tons of wood per year, which means we’re saving more than 300,000 trees per year. Our commitment to recycling will continue to create an impact on our environment for years to come.


amount of trees saved in our planets lifetime


  • Installation

    SONOpan can be installed in any wall or ceiling.

  • Why use SONOpan?

    SONOpan is an easy to work with, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to soundproof a space.

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  • How-to-Guides

    Whether you’re into DIY or a professional contractor, SONOpan is easy to install.

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