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Achieve a Sound Transmission Class rating up to 68 with ease by adding SONOpan to your walls

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STC is a reduction in DB

Scale of sound dB

0 dB Silence
60 dB A business office
80 dB A moving car
120 dB A plane taking off

Soundproofing is the process of reducing sound transmission by using a combination of building materials & building strategies.

STC is a measure in DB reduction over a range from 125 – 4000 hz. This puts all rated building materials on a level playing field.

Sound Transmission Class

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a standardized rating measuring reduction in sound decibels (dB) based on different wall or ceiling assemblies. STC accounts for sound measured between 125 Hz to 4000 Hz.

Sound decibels (dB) are a measure of sound intensity. In simpler terms, sound decibels are measured as the magnitude of the fluctuations in air pressure caused by sound waves. Both DB and STC ratings are based on a logarithmic scale, meaning each reduction of 10DB essentially doubles the soundproofing

SONOpan STC ratings

Insulation Isn’t Enough

It is highly recommended that SONOPAN be used in conjunction with insulation to reduce sound travel. Insulation plays a key role in soundproofing by capturing certain frequencies and stopping resonance (echoing) in an empty cavity, but SONOpan soundproof boards for walls & ceilings will prevent the majority of sound from traveling.

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Class and SONOpan sound proof insulation board, please contact us.

Increasing Sound Transmission Class

You can use Resilient Channels and/or isolation clips to increase Sound Transmission Class Ratings for any room.

If using resilient channels when adding SONOpan soundproofing, install them perpendicular to the ceiling joists every 12” and/or according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Install channels 6” from outer walls and every 12” on center in between.

For walls fastened perpendicular to the studs every 24” and according to the manufacturer’s specifications install the 1st channel 2” from the ground and every 24” on center stopping 6” from the ceiling.