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Installing SONOpan is as easy as saying "SHHH!"

Soundproofing is often overlooked in renovations, but working on Caerula Mar over the past two years has definitely “opened my ears” to the benefits of quality soundproofing. And with SONOpan, it doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. It’s easy to install, lightweight and affordable. SONOpan can double the soundproofing of any wall or ceiling assembly in new construction or retrofit applications and it’s now available nationally at Home Depot in Canada. Take it from me, with SONOpan – you won’t believe what you’re not hearing – Bryan Baeumler, HGTV Host & Professional Contractor

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Tim Spier @constructioncoach

“After using SONOPAN on my own soundproofing projects I would recommend using it in every soundproofing design. If you are finishing your basement, home renovation, studio, or theatre room SONOPAN can help you achieve results. SONOPAN soundproofing panels are soundproofing at its finest.”


Tim Spier

Kiefer Limeback @toolaholic

“No matter if you are undergoing a personal renovation or one for a client, it’s important to address soundproofing. SONOpan panels provide additional privacy, peace and comfort in a busy home. We have found SONOpan to be a very cost effective and easy to install product. I would recommend it to both contactors and DIY home renovators.”


Kiefer Limeback @toolaholic

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