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Learn more about SONOpan and how to install SONOpan in your home, or learn the technical requirements for the job.

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How Many SONOpan panels Do I Need?

Use our SONOpan Calculator to find out how many panels you need to complete the job.

Each panel is 32 sq/ft. Complete the formula below with the length and width of the wall or ceiling being soundproofed and add 10% or a minimum of 1 sheet for overage.

Panel Calculator


You will require: 0 Panels

SONOpan Installation Guides

Soundproofing installation with SONOpan.

Watch the animated guide to a wall assembly including SONOpan soundproofing materials.

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Installation Overview


  • Install SONOpan directly to any surface. Drywall seams should be offset to improve soundproofing results
  • For best results, use a circular saw to cut panels
  • Secure panels with drywall screws and washers if necessary
  • If applying SONOpan directly to wood, 7/16 crown staples or plastic cap nails may be substituted for drywall screws for a faster install
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Pro Tips

Acoustical Sealant

Sound can travel through small openings, so apply an acoustical sealant to the perimeter of each SONOpan panel and to the perimeter of walls and ceilings.

Seal in any gaps with acoustical caulking.

Use Insulation

Always use insulation when possible. Whether fibreglass, wool batt or cellulose, insulation plays a key role in the soundproofing assembly

Protect from Elements

Ensure SONOpan is protected from elements during installation until the project is complete

Box In Electrical

Box in electrical outlets and pot lights with SONOpan & acoustical sealant for optimal sound blocking and soundproofing.


NEVER install electrical outlets back to back. Maintain 30” spacing between outlets.


Read out Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about SONOpan.

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SONOpan install.

Sound Transmission Class

Learn about Sound Transmission Class and the legal minimums (or lack thereof) when it comes to soundproofing in new construction and multi-residential buildings.

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Impact Isolation Class

Learn about Impact Isolation Class and how its measurement impacts sound transmission in new construction buildings.

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Recommended Reading

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SONOpan Assemblies

Download our recommended wall assemblies with corresponding STC ratings.

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