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Our Story

SONOpan is a soundproofing solution from MSL, a Canadian-based manufacturing company.

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Canadian Made Since 1946.

Ever since we built our original plant back in 1946, we’ve taken pride in our

reputation as a leader in the development of innovative and environmentally

friendly soundproofing and thermal insulation products.

The mill continues to operate with a completely closed-loop (zero effluent)

manufacturing process.

MSL’s Mission

Our mission is to develop and produce eco-friendly, high quality, value-added sound and thermal insulation solutions for the construction industry.

MSL’s Values

As a company, our core values centre around recycling products and protecting the environment while improving customer’s quality of life.

Our Environmental Footprint

The MSL factory is ISO 9001 certified. We manufacture our products using an environmentally friendly automated process which minimizes the amount of water used. We achieve this by recycling the water in a closed loop (zero effluent) system.

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  • Installation

    SONOpan can be installed in any wall or ceiling.

  • Why use SONOpan?

    SONOpan is an easy to work with, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to soundproof a space.

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  • How-to-Guides

    Whether you’re into DIY or a professional contractor, SONOpan is easy to install.

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