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Keep washroom noises contained

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Have you ever noticed the excessive amount of noise that comes out of a washroom? From turning on the faucets to flushing the toilet, to shower water and other noises, washrooms can be a disturbance in the home. These noises can be especially irritating if the bathroom shares a wall with a quieter room, like a bedroom, nursery or home office.

Simply add SONOpan panels to your bathroom walls to absorb the sound immediately at its source. If you are retrofitting a bathroom, you can add SONOpan over top of existing walls, and finish off with a new layer of drywall. SONOpan only adds ¾ of an inch to your wall thickness but will make a massive difference in soundproofing.

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For a public washrooms, soundproofing is important to maintain privacy and comfortable noise levels. Whether it’s a washroom in an office or a public gathering space, it’s important to plan for soundproofing in the building stages, or during a retrofit renovation.

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    SONOpan can be installed in any wall or ceiling.

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    SONOpan is an easy to work with, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to soundproof a space.

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    Whether you’re into DIY or a professional contractor, SONOpan is easy to install.

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