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Create a relaxing bedroom for the best rest and rejuvenation.

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Bedroom Installation Guide

Keep Your Space Calm

Bedrooms are meant to be a quiet oasis, perfect for relaxation and resting.

But when external sounds, like dogs barking or traffic zooming by becomes irritating, or internal sounds like a loud television keeps others up, it’s time to add bedroom soundproof panels!

Bedroom Applications

Some of the most common reasons to soundproof a bedroom are:

  • Sound coming from street traffic at all hours
  • Sound of neighbors in close proximity
  • Sound of dogs barking at odd hours
  • TV’s or Home Theaters
  • Conversation from another bedroom sharing a wall
  • Plumbing noise from an en-suite or nearby bathroom
  • Enabling additional privacy

Soundproofing a bedroom in its construction phase is a great time to install SONOpan bedroom soundproof panels. Soundproofing can also be retrofitted in a finished room for those who don’t want to tear their home apart. Simply sandwiching SONOpan soundproof wall panels for bedroom between the existing and a new layer of drywall will create a soundproofing solution for a quiet and peaceful bedroom environment. Click below to see where you can buy our soundproof panels for bedroom!

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Where to buy

Bedroom installation guide


  • Installation

    SONOpan can be installed in any wall or ceiling.

  • Why use SONOpan?

    SONOpan is an easy to work with, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to soundproof a space.

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    Whether you’re into DIY or a professional contractor, SONOpan is easy to install.

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