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SONOpan is a must for basements, home theaters, DIY music studios, home offices and rental units

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Plan ahead!

Basements are a multipurpose room in many households, meaning there can be a few unique soundproofing requirements depending on who’s using it.

New living spaces like home theaters, basement apartments or play areas for children create additional noise. Plan ahead!


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Basement Applications

Home Theatre

Building a home theatre is the ultimate home renovation project. With new video and audio technology, people are investing in their homes to create a space to enjoy family movie nights, tv marathons and video game competitions.

A home theatre typically creates 75 to 80 decibels (dB) of sound, which is somewhere between an average vacuum cleaner and heavy traffic going by. Installing sound insulation panels will improve the movie watching experience and help with soundproofing by isolating sound within the room.

Along with SONOpan panels, it’s important to properly seal the space with acoustical caulking. Where there are gaps in the walls, ceilings and floors, or where electrical outlets meet drywall, make sure to apply an acoustical sealant for the best performance.

SONOpan can also be used on top of the wall if covered with fabric to make acoustic insulation panels

Installation Guide
SONOpan Home Theatre

Utility Room

If you’re tired of hearing noise out of the utility room, it’s time to get serious about soundproofing. The noise of a furnace, heater, water softener or heating ducts can be distracting, especially because they can turn on at any time of the day.

Keep sound from escaping a utility room by adding SONOpan sound proof insulation board to the walls & Ceiling. This will absorb the sound emitted from these appliances before it travels out of the room.

Installation Guide
SONOpan application in a utility room

Home Music Studio

Nothing is better than the sound of silence.

Turn up the volume and turn down the noise pollution. With SONOpan, you can transform any space into a high-quality music studio. Inside a music studio, the most important quality beyond having the right recording equipment is having the right acoustics and sound control.

Do soundproofing the right way with SONOpan’s Noise STOP Technology. Adding in SONOpan panels will absorb and block out external noise, improve the acoustic quality of the studio and stop noise from traveling outside of the room.

When soundproofing a room, it’s important to block all paths where sound can travel. Use acoustical caulking to fill in any gaps and ensure a solid core door with weather stripping is used.

Installation Guide
SONOpan used in a home music studio

Home Gym

In a home gym or shared gym in a condo, SONOpan means that a workout at any time of the day, won’t disturb other people. With SONOpan’s noise absorption, a 6 am workout can happen at the same time as a 6 am sleep-in! Everyone can maintain their lifestyle without disruption.

Plus, there’s the added benefit of SONOpan’s construction. Because it doesn’t have any added formaldehyde or VOCs, adding SONOpan for soundproofing doesn’t negatively impact indoor air quality.

Installation Guide

Basement Rental Units

Basement rental apartments are a great source of income for homeowners and property owners, but raise a real concern when it comes to containing noise.

If you’re renting out a basement apartment as an income property while you live in the home above, soundproofing walls and ceilings is a must. The construction stage of a basement apartment is the perfect opportunity to install SONOpan panels, however, they can also be added to pre-existing walls or ceilings. As you continue living in the upper levels, you will maintain your privacy and create a distinct separation between yourself and your tenant, while following standard basement rental unit codes. Soundproofing is known to help reduce tenant turnover due to noise issues.

If you’re a renter living in a basement property and your property owner has SONOpan soundproofing installed, you will enjoy peace, privacy and comfort that other basement rentals likely don’t offer.

Installation Guide
SONOpan Application - Basement Rental Unit

Acoustic Panels - Basements

Soundproofing is the process of controlling noise travelling into or out of a room, acoustics is controlling echo and reverberations within a room.

SONOpan pieces can be used to create sound panels within a room when wrapped in fabric to control Acoustics.

SONOpan is often used for acoustics due to its cost and performance, when installed like this however, SONOpan will not have a great impact on sound travelling into or out of the room.

When installing the panels on top of the wall they need to be covered. Because SONOpan is made without glues or chemicals it can be dusty, fabric works well for this purpose.

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