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Exceptional <br/>Soundproofing


Home Theatres & Music Studios Basement Rentals Condos & Townhomes New Construction Projects

No matter your noise problem, there is an Exceptional Soundproofing solution that's right for you.

"Honey, I shrunk the noisy neighbors!"

Unwanted noise is a big problem in condos, townhouses, and homes. SONOPAN provides a very practical and effective soundproofing solution. NoiseStop™ Technology prevents noise from travelling through walls and ceilings.

Home Theatres & Music Studios

Sometimes not everyone wants to hear the big game. SONOPAN soundproofing in a home theatre or music studio will keep the action where it belongs.

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Basement Rentals

Renters move into your building, not your life. Soundproofing a basement apartment means you can lease it without giving up your privacy.

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Condos & Townhomes

A noisy neighbour can turn even the best townhome or condo into a nightmare. Fortunately, there are solutions to restore peace and quiet in your living space.

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New Construction

Basic drywall and insulation aren’t enough. The right soundproofing option will ensure your new development meets building codes, protecting you against costly litigation.

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